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  1. Oddball says “Knock it off with them negative waves, Indycar fans!”

    Hello, Indycar fans.  Oddball here.  I’ve noticed the anger and frustration building up this summer from you people.  From the canceling of the non-spec aerokits until 2013, the many (un)happy returns of The Great Brian Barnhart and his buddies in Race Control, the possibility of the Lotus program being “vaporware”, the 5 million dollar challenge having no takers, the (temporary) deportation of a popular driver and of course the official defection of another.  These are negative waves, man…and I have no use for negative waves and so shouldn’t you.

    POSITIVE WAVES, Indycar…POSITIVE WAVES!  Why won’t you dig the prospect of a new car coming next year?  The V6 turbo sounds pretty good.  More ovals are coming next year.  TV ratings are up and so is sponsorship.  Last year there were only a couple of non-Penske/Ganassi winners; there are twice that with a few races yet to go.  The championship leader in the Indy Lights series is an American.  GoDaddy sponsorship isn’t leaving the Andretti team with Danica.  Lotus appears to be on board for 2012 and the Judd-based engine program is coming along.

    …why don’t you people say something beautiful and righteous for a change???

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