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  1. End of Danicamania? Indycar will be just fine, thank you very much.

    It appears the big news of the week is that Danica Patrick is going to formally announce her departure from Indycar to the “greener pastures” (yea, tell that to Dario…and Sam…and Juan) of NASCAR.  Of course all the NASCAR talking heads are almost all in agreement (God bless you Kyle Petty, for not being a total “company man”) in that this is a GREAT move for her and NASCAR (like they are ever going to say ANYTHING bad about the hand that feeds them).  Also it is said that this will be a crippling blow to Indycar since they are losing their sexiest and most popular driver…

    …but are they really?

    The woman pictured above was, to many, the most sexy and most popular driver at Indy this year that got the most cheers during pre-race introductions and at times more press.

    Her name isn’t Danica Patrick.

    What you see is a driver that hasn’t posed sans-clothing for a magazine or a racy commercial.  As you can see she’s still in her fire-suit, like a grand majority of her photos.  How can she be at all sexy let alone MORE SO than Danica?

    You see those bandaged hands?  Just a couple of days prior to that photograph being taken they were burned badly in a fiery crash during a practice session at Indianapolis.  The 2nd-degree burns she suffered meant she would miss the all important “Fast Friday” practice session just before Pole Day qualifications on Saturday and possibly all of qualifications (and the race itself) all together.  After the wreck she also admitted to being fearful of the possibility of wrecking again at the famous speedway.  Also not only was her primary car destroyed but her backup car was eight years old, woefully slow (with very few practice laps) and outdated.

    She qualified.  On the first day.  Ahead of Danica.

    She did it despite the burns, despite the car, and despite the fear.

    To real racing fans that is worth FAR MORE than any over-airbrushed pictorial and bikini photo-op.  It is far more worthy of respect and admiration than a sleazy billboard ad.  It is far more memorable than a smile on a magazine cover.  It is a far more greater real accomplishment than appearing in a Super Bowl commercial with little to no clothing.

    Grit, determination, and class is far more “sexy”.

    Indycar will be just fine, NASCAR.  Enjoy your new racing diva.  Indycar will enjoy its racing DRIVER that’s not just as sexy, but to the eyes of many racing fans she’s a whole lot more than that.

    …and if things go well sponsorship-wise she won’t be alone next year.

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