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  1. Valentine’s Day card exchange…INDYCAR STYLE!

    Ah, Valentine’s Day.

    Remember those silly parties in grade school where you had to hand out those store-bought cards to the class?  Yea, wasn’t a fan of those either.  Just silly and pointless.

    Instead of going to the store and having to buy those crappy cartoon-based card sets, why not some INDYCAR-THEMED VALENTINE’S DAY CARDS?!?!?

    BAM.  Now you’re talking.  Ladies only, though…because there isn’t enough space for Tony Kanaan’s nose, and I’m NOT posting that damn Helio-naked-on-a-tire picture.

    Here’s my (sad and cheesy) V-Day cards dedicated to the lady drivers, pit reporters, etc. in the realm of IndyCar.

    Free of charge and no trip to Wal-Mart!  You’re welcome.